32Red Jackpots are on Fire!

32Red Jackpots are on Fire!

The jackpots at 32Red are growing each day, and the temperature is about to go through the roof!

One of the more attractive ideas on the 32Red downloadable platform is the Jackpot Thermometer, which gives players an indication of the likelihood of a payout on any particular jackpot, going according to previous wins.

This temperature gauge is for entertainment purposes only, as every spin is as likely as every other spin to payout (or not), but it certainly gives punters the feeling that today will be their lucky day.

At the time of writing, the film tie-in video slot, The Dark Knight, is showing a jackpot of 222,671,717 coins on the mega progressive jackpot, with an uncomfortably warm temperature of 145.0 degrees.

If you’re looking for more surefire odds, have a look at some of the other games on offer in their downloadable stable, powered by Microgaming. Although the Treasure Nile 5-reel slot machine has a bonus of ‘only’ 6,174,988 coins, it’s registering a swelteringly hot 326.9 degrees. Too hot to handle? You be the judge!

And, of course, 32Red are constantly expanding their offerings. As we’ve previously pointed out, they’ve been gradually building up their offerings, and the latest addition to their bookshelf is the new video slot game from Microgaming, the Arthurian Avalon II.

Catering primarily to the Canadian and British markets, this customer-friendly group have a well-founded reputation for efficient and reliable 24/7 customer support. Regular payouts also mean that customers will not be left disappointed.

They’ve also recently expanded their mobile offerings on their Italian platform, so Italian customers out there will be pleased to know that their gaming opportunities are not just limited to their home (or work) PCs.

Whatever your interest, head on over to 32Red and give the machine a spin!