6 Days Left to Win a Ticket to Rio at Betway

6 Days Left to Win a Ticket to Rio at Betway

Betway’s Global Gift Grab is to deliver 3 trips to Rio de Janeiro for 2 to attend the football World Cup in Brazil, starting today and lasting until 20 January, 2014.

Grab your suitcases and spin the reels of any (literally, any) video slot at Betway and get into this week’s promotion to win a trip to Brazil for 2 for the World Cup.

3 Steps for the Betway Adventure

Once you’re logged in to Betway, you’ll find a road map indicating a path through various different countries:

  1. Each country holds a minimum wagering requirement that must be fulfilled,
  2. Play any video slot of your preference to fulfill the wagering requirements,
  3. Receive special free spins and enter the week’s prize draw.

The final goal of this promotion is to fulfill the wagering requirements, so you can compete for as many gifts as possible.

The great part of this promo is that the quality of the prizes keeps on increasing with each week.

By way of example, the promotion started off with leather gloves, shearling hats and cashmere scarves.

Afterwards they moved on towards trips to the Caribbean, South Africa, and now a trip to Rio de Janeiro!

For the final prize, you’ll be competing to win one of these 3 fantastic prizes: A Porsche for Diamond players, a BMW for Gold Platinums, and a Volkswagen for Blue Silver punters.