Arabian Nights

In a nutshell


The world of themed slots wouldn’t be complete without the Arabian Nights slot machine. As far as North Africa and its history are concerned, leaving it at Las Vegas’ sweet spot for Ancient Egypt simply wouldn’t be fair.


So here, in the best of creative traditions, comes an oriental fairytale, complete with Aladdin’s lamp, camels and a wild displaying a charming man of dubious integrity.


A closer look


The player spins the Arabian Nights video slot symbols across 5 reels, 3 lines and 10 paylines. The action takes place before the backdrop of what seems to be a nightly town in Arabia, the bottom corners occupied by a melon cart and a snake charmer’s pet and basket.


The most important symbols are the scatter, displaying Aladdin’s lamp, and the wild, a gentleman that fits the theme holding a gem of sorts. The wild substitutes for all symbols except the scatter. Combinations including the wild count double, combinations made of only the wild count only once. The scatter triggers the free spins.


Other symbols include three letters (K, Q and J), two numbers (9 and 10) and a scimitar, a pair of theme-suited slippers, a bedouin’s tent, a fez and a camel.


Free spin features


The free spins in this game are triggered by the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol in the Arabian Nights video slot is Aladdin’s lamp. If it shows up three times or more, it unlocks 15 free spins. In free spins mode, wins are tripled, with the exception of jackpot wins. Once in the free spins mode, the lamp appearing three times or more won’t get you any additional free spins.


Special features


The Arabian Nights slot is tied to a progressive jackpot at most casinos that feature it. What’s special in this case is that it isn’t part of a global network — which means that every casino or group of casinos that feature it have a different money count on its jackpot. This is likely a reason for its popularity.


A progressive jackpot is part of a system where a tiny part of every real-money bet wagered in the game counts towards a total winning sum. These games are usually very popular because their jackpots grow with the number of people who play them. They can reach very impressive sums; Arabian Nights’ highest one so far was 4.8m. Once won, they reset to already quite impressive sums.