B-Boy’s Street

In a nutshell


B-Boy’s Street slot lets you live the long harboured dream of being in a hip-hop boy band.


Developed by Malta-based World Match, this 20 pay line, 5 reel slot mixes ghetto and B-Boy styles in a fun blend with featured wilds, free spins and a bonus game that will have you dancing to hip-hop tunes to get more winnings.


A closer look


World Match keeps it cool and colourful in this game with graphics and unconventional hip-hop riffs melting effortlessly in this multiline B-Boy’s Street video slot to create a unique 70’s atmosphere in which to match dancing styles on different line combinations. In a nod to the present as well as the past, you can share your success via social media thanks to World Match’s dedicated platform.


Free Spins Feature


The bling bling and breakdancing symbols from the Boyz in the Hood bring in the kind of juicy winnings that go with the territory. Get three or more Free Spin symbols and you’ll be rewarded with random free spins and extra coins.


If you manage to get a wild symbol during your free spins you’ll earn even more coins and multipliers.


Bonus Game Features


B-Boy’s Street slot machine  includes a dazzling bonus game in which you choose a dancer to perform tricky break-dancing moves and get rewarded according to their abilities. It will be triggered by the Bonus symbol appearing on the reels. You won’t have to do the Moonwalk or the Robot dance in front of your computer, but once you get into the game and the mood and the winning zone, you might want to anyway!


Special Features


Stacks of WILDs and Free Spins waiting to happen make this game worth all the song and dance!  The truly special bonus game and the cross generational appeal of the music and basic idea make the B-Boy’s Street slot a favourite with players of all backgrounds, ages and gaming preferences.