Big Bang

In a Nutshell


Space-themed slots like Big Bang never seem to go away or lose their charm.


As a case in point, NetEnt have already given us Alien Robots, Space Wars and the award-winning Starburst, which players don’t seem to ever get tired of … that is, until they have played NetEnt’s latest release, the Big Bang slot machine.


The team at NetEnt have launched a new frontier-breaking sci-fi game with an increasing multiplier of up to x32, which is set to change winning schemes for players, providing new ways to gamble without the need to hit a special payline combination or triggering a particular bonus feature.


A Closer Look


A game which invites inevitable comparison with Starburst, the Big Bang slot game outshines other games with a growing multiplier that starts of at x2, and ramps up to x4, x6, x8, x16, reaching up to x32 featuring a Wild that will act as a substitute for all other symbols, rewarding you with a total winning amount of 268,032 coins.


Regardless of your gaming skills or experience, you can’t afford to ignore this one.


Being perhaps the first online game ever to deliver a growing multiplier of up to x32, Big Bang is one of those slots where players can spin the reels just a few times and still get a large cash outcome.


Special Features


Though the Big Bang video slot doesn’t include a specific bonus game, the multiplier feature creates a game-within-a-game where punters can attain the highest winning amounts in just 6 spins.


Spin the reels and get a winning combination to get the feature started with a multiplier of x2. The multiplier will double each time you get a winning payline combination.
Get 6 winning spins in a row and you’ll have reached the maximum multiplier of x32, which carries with it the chance of netting over 260,000 coins!