Boom Brothers

In a nutshell


Incredible attention to detail, eye-popping 3D graphics, free spins, bonus games and a five figure jackpot make this trip down the mines well worth your while.


With bets up to 100 coins per spin this is a decent option for a seasoned player and the unique symbols and entertaining features will please any newbie. Thumbs up all around for the Boom Brothers slot!


A closer look


20 pay lines are not a whole lot for a 5 reel slot but the Boom Brothers video slot has other strengths that outshine this restriction. With a mining theme brought to the screen in brilliant 3D quality that is second to no animated feature film the Boom Brothers will enter your life with a bang!


The graphics are truly amazing; the icons are attached to link chains which make up the reels and the brothers’ mask-like travelling capsules open in a charming animation scene when part of a winning combination. Other symbols like pick axes, buckets or lanterns are just as amazing.


Another important icon is the rail track symbol. Hit 3 or 4 and you will find yourself in the Rail Track Feature in which you can spin again to complete the track and your way to the bonus game plus bag some juicy multipliers.


Bonus feature


If you complete the rail track across a pay line, either directly or via the Rail Track Feature, you will be admitted to the Boom Brothers bonus game.


This is another stroke of genius on the developers’ part. In the style of a roll-the-ball carnival game (usually these feature horses) you will have to pick one of three rail carts on each pass. Depending on the treasure found in the cart one of the brothers Boom will move one step closer to a bonus amount. You’ll win the bonus associated with the brother who reaches the goal first.


Free spin feature


As the scatter symbol is connected to the bonus feature in the Boom Brothers slot machine, free spins are awarded for three or more dedicated FREE SPIN icons in a pay line.


All wins from free spins are multiplied by 3 and for each additional FREE SPIN icon caught you will earn yourself another free spin.


Special features


For the particularly unlucky player there is a Second Chance Boom Brothers slot feature triggered randomly after spins without any winning combinations.


One of the brothers will appear and make one or more reels, or sometimes just individual icons, spin again. While this seems a nice idea, after a losing spin it is reels 2 and 3 you’d want to re-spin, really, but sometimes you’ll just see number 5 take another few turns which doesn’t always seem to make a lot of sense.