Borderlands II: Where Shooter Meets Slots

Borderlands II: Where Shooter Meets Slots

Borderlands 2 looks set to exceed even its predecessor in terms of playability, scope and innovation.

It retains the 4-player set up so beloved of Borderlands, with characters having their own unique traits and abilities, particularly when it comes to weapons, as well as their own distinct skill trees.

Incidentally, the characters in Borderlands 2 are completely different from the original game — their names are Axton, Salvador, Zer0 and Maya respectively, and they are all great to play as!

Borderlands 2 has an expanded range of slots to play which broaden the scope for earning big, or accruing rarer substances like Eridium.

Eridium allows the player to do stuff like buy up more inventory space and so is a particularly rewarding thing to get your hands on!

The great storyline from the first game continues in Borderlands 2, although the format is quite different — expanded in fact, with confrontations with a whole host of unsavory characters with the aim of doing battle with them and hopefully slaying them.

The improvements are carried over to all aspects of gameplay, including better graphics, effects, and range of characters than in the original, not to mention an awesome intro.

Definitely worth a try, this one — Borderlands 2 is out for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.