Buck & Butler: Familiar Games Yet Unusually Generous Offers

Buck & Butler: Familiar Games Yet Unusually Generous Offers

Buck and Butler…it sounds a bit like a high-end clothing company, or perhaps a prestigious law firm based in London or something!

Actually it’s a casino, but those word-association games we were just playing with the name aren’t completely out-of-place.

This is because Buck and Butler really is an online casino with class. Take a look at its design; no gaudy, black and gold color scheme or promises of supposedly-massive bonuses, promos etc.

Just a sober, clear cut outline of what the casino is, what it offers and why you should play there.

And what offers there are as well — and yet, rather than being pushed in a flashy, confusing way, they are presented clearly and without hype of hubris.

Buck and Butler aims to have a different promo every day during the first week of its existence as a functioning casino.

A closer look reveals that these are not to be sniffed at, and indeed might be something that would appeal to a person who bought the high-end clothes or was a client at the high end law firm we mentioned in the intro.

They include welcome bonuses that are not just 100% but 3 or 4 times that!

And not to amounts of just 100, but again, 3 or 4 times higher!

It appears that this is not just a flash in the pan either, for Buck and Butler have a very special prize lined up for its customers.

It’s nothing less than a Tesla S electric performance car!

The Tesla S really redefines what the nature of an electric car really is — no more tiny little boxes for getting to the shops in, or for the particularly environmentally aware city-dweller, the Tesla S has a top speed in excess of 200 km/h and a range of around 300-400km before having to be recharged (so roughly the same as for a conventional, fuel-filled car) and not surprisingly won electric car of the year 2013.

Norway was the first (European) country to start importing the Tesla to its shores so it’s a fitting prize for a Norwegian-based casino to be offering as well!

We expect we can, well, expect to see more of this type of prize winging its way to a lucky player at Buck & Butler in the future, with Buck and Butler apparently marrying quality, desirable prizes with an attitude towards social responsibility which you might expect from a Scandinavian casino.

But what about the games? We can’t all be prizewinners after all, and the gilt might be knocked off the gingerbread of a fantastic welcome bonus if the games aren’t there to make you want to make full use of your free money…

…fortunately we can nip that in the bud too — Buck and Butler will carry games from NetEnt, so you can be assured of a consistent and stimulating gaming experience, including top new slots like Wonky Wabbits as well as all the great table games like Roulette and Baccarat.

Additionally Buck & Butler bring lotteries like Eurojackpot and Powerball to your desktop too, with all the massive prizes that those can hit you with.

And it’s not just the desktop which is catered for by Buck & Buller either; the casino has a fully-stocked mobile section to bring all the best games to your smartphone or tablet, so you’ll be able to play on the hoof (or when you’re on your private yacht!) as well.

One advantage of starting a casino after the mobile revolution gets underway is that the casino hasn’t had to tack on its mobile games as an afterthought, but instead has seen it as a fully-integrated feature from the get go, so you get good mobile gaming as well.

All in all, Buck & Buller really set the standard for the online casino industry and point the direction it is going in, something classy and quality, not a joke or a way for a few to make a quick buck.

And maybe they’ll help you get to do some of those ‘100 things you have to do before you die’ — or indeed stay at home, in the lap of luxury, too!