Champions League — the Early Bird gets the (Golden) Worm

Champions League — the Early Bird gets the (Golden) Worm

One could think that it is hard to make good bets in the Champions League. It is by far the largest event in club football competition. The best teams are playing against each other and the bookies are in full control of the bets.

In my own experience, the bets for the Champions League are far more interesting for those players willing to dig deep and discover what’s underneath the surface. The bookies’ data patterns are made for the national leagues, where they use statistics as a base.

These games take place among teams from different parts of Europe, but the bookies usually fumble and provide punters with inaccurate data, until the scores finally arrive and destroy all predictions.

Next week it’ll be time for the Champions League. The bookies will display their forecasts, but I’ll continue with what I was able to take from the previous games.

I have played:

Anderlecht against Arsenal with 1.5 goals to 1.94 (on 4 November)

Benefica against Monaco to 1.84 (also on 4 November)

Sporting CP against Schalke 04 -0.25 goals to 1.78, which means I get back half my bet if there’s a tie (on 5 November).

Written by Ken Lennaárd, Swedish professional poker player and successful punter.