Craps Rules

Craps Rules

According to craps rules (a.k.a. bank craps), players place bets on the roll of a dice. The bets are placed on a table with a specific layout for each type of wager. There are different types of bets. Here are a few:


Line bets

Every shooter will have to place either a don’t pass or pass line bet. A few casinos may mandate that all players make a minimum bet on the line.


Pass-line bet:

The basic bet that the shooter will win. A come-out roll of seven or eleven wins, twelve, three or two loses and any other number will set the point value.


Don’t pass-line bet:

A bet that the shooter will lose if he lands numbers that win in the pass-line wager, and that he will win if losing pass-line numbers except twelve show up. A twelve may draw or win, depending on the rules. In case the point value is brought up before a seven, the don’t pass-line loses, and vice versa.


Besides these, you can also place come and don’t come bets.


Single Roll Bets

One roll of the dice will determine the success of a single roll bet. Some of the types of single roll bets are - snake eyes, any seven, ace-deuce, any craps, two or twelve, Yo and whirl. Multi-roll bets, easy way, hard way, place and buy, big eight, big six, lay and fire bets are a few other wagers you can make.



When a game starts, a player (called the shooter) has to roll two dice, and place wagers. When the player takes on the role of the shooter, he should place a bet on the Don’t Pass Line or Pass Line, which are also called Don’t Win or Win. The wagers are made on the results of each round. At the beginning of a new round, another shooter will be selected to replace the one who was playing. The new shooter is chosen by a simple method - passing the dice from one player (current shooter) to the player on his right (the next shooter). The shooter will typically get five dice from which he should pick two to play.


Every round will have two phases -  the come-out and point. At the beginning of a round, a player will have to make a minimum of one come-out rolls. If he gets a come-out roll of twelve, three or two, it is called craps. A player who bets on the pass line will lose in this case. A come-out roll with eleven or seven is called a natural. With it, players wagering on the pass-line will win. Other numbers are ten, nine eight, six, five and four - also known as point numbers.


On the come-out, if a shooter rolls one of these numbers, it will set the point for winning. In case the number is rolled again before landing a seven, it will bring a win. Following this, the dealer will add a button to the side of the table tagged ‘On’. It will be placed on the point which indicates that the second phase of the game has begun. In case the point value is hit again, the pass-line will win and the next round will commence. The dice will stay with the current shooter. It will be passed to the next player only if the shooter gets any seven before he gets the point value.