Crazy Reels

In a nutshell


Crazy Reels slot does exactly what it says on the tin! It’s a classic 3 reel, 5 pay line slot and gameplay is crazy simple but still crazy good fun!


A closer look


Beautiful simplicity, straightforward graphics and bucket loads of fun are the three main ingredients of the retro Crazy Reels slot. Apples, organs, lemons and grapes, strawberries, plums and even the odd-one-out bell symbol will all win you a 20x bet pay out if you hit a triple on one of your pay lines. So simple, so entertaining.


Crazy Reels slot machine is not clustered by wild symbols that stick out like a sore thumb or any other frills. The reels operate noiselessly, but come to a halt with a curiously satisfying thud that is guaranteed to get you hooked. With stake options ranging from 0.50 to 100 there is still plenty of room to make your individual mark on the game. Pay outs are stake dependent, so going for the maximum bet is probably a good idea, but you’ll figure it out.


Bonus Features


Hit a winning combination and you’ll be rewarded with a bonus round that is just as retro as Crazy Reels slot machine itself and fits right in. In this little skill test you’ll be using the START/STOP button to try and stop a moving light when it illuminates the word STOP.


If you manage it, you’ll not only receive a handsome pay out but also get the chance to test your skill again, this time in a second illuminated panel, giving you the chance to win a REPEAT.