Devil’s Delight

In a nutshell


Help the Grim Reaper collect some souls, take a spin with the devil in a pin-stripe suit and bank up to a whopping 200000 coins along the way.


Devil’s Delight slot takes you on a hot ride across 5 reels and 20 pay lines filled with opportunities to secure two different kinds of free spins.


A closer look


The devil in whose delight you are sharing here looks a bit like a mixture between a loan shark and a dodgy parole officer. He is the wild and joined on the reels by a hot chick she-devil, some baby demons and other underworld-inspired symbols with a comic twist. There is no reason to be scared of this devil and his gang; they all look like they are up for some fun.


You can join in that fun with bets on 20 pay lines and up to 10 coins per line. With available coin denominations ranging from 0.01 to 0.50 this allows for bets of between 0.01 and 100 per spin, a very decent range.


The Devil’s Delight video slot benefits from the sharp, eye-pleasing graphics and great overall quality you’d expect from a NetEnt game. The organ sound accompanying each spin can get a bit annoying but the other sound effects added for wins, stopping reels, features and even the pay table selection are quite agreeable.


The bonus (Grim Reaper), wild (cigar puffing devil) and scatter (pentagram) symbols spin in decent numbers and you’ll find yourself in a bonus round, on-reel feature or free spin session quite regularly.


Free spin Feature


In keeping with the popular culture spin on the symbols and theme, the pentagram plays a special role in Devil’s Delight slot machine. Hit three of them anywhere and you will get to play an on-reel feature. Select one of the pentagrams to reveal the free spin and multiplier bonus it holds.


The free spins start immediately and you can retrigger the same bonus while playing them, but pentagrams hit during these free spins come with additional free spins only. The multiplier awarded at the beginning does not change.


Bonus Feature


Hitting the Grim Reaper symbol on reels 3, 4 and 5 will take you to the bonus game. The chap is altogether a bit hapless looking so no wonder he needs your help: You will be taken to a street where so far unsuspecting people go about the business. It’s your task to pick from the selection of Deadly Sins showing on the left and drop them on an individual of your choice. Should you get it right and match the correct sin to the correct person, you will win their soul.


Souls are stored in the sin-o-meter. Fill it all the way up and you will receive 10 sin spins in return.


Special Feature


While the free spins won by hitting scatter symbols use the same reels and symbols as the main game of the Devil’s Delight slot, the sin spins awarded for the collection of sufficient souls are played on a special set of.


Ghostlike representations of the seven deadly sins are spinning here for wins of between 10 and 5000 times your bet.