Does Your Favourite online slot beat slots in land-based casinos?

Does Your Favourite online slot beat slots in land-based casinos?

Your favourite online slots have come a long way. Their origins lie in the classic slot machines you can still find in land based-casinos and gambling halls. The very old ones you had to operate with a handle. Now you can play slots in the comfort of your own home or on the go from your mobile device, but are online slots actually better than their land-based cousins? Find out the pros and cons.

Hitting the Slots: Going out or Staying in?

Gambling the ‘old- fashioned’ way means travelling to a casino or gambling hall. This could be seen as a hassle, but on the other hand it’s a form of going out. Eating at home might be more convenient than eating out, but you missing out on the experience of being waited on and someone else preparing a meal for you. The same goes with visiting a land-based casino. There is the social aspect of meeting other players and having interaction with dealers if you like to play table games. You are often served a free drink or you can be waited on while you’re hitting the slots.

Choosing your slots

If you like to stick to your favourite slots machines, then the online versions offer more convenience. It’s easy to see if an online casino has the slots of your choice in their selection and if they haven’t, checking the games of another online casino is only a few mouse clicks away. Many land-based casinos have a smaller selection of slots than online casinos and looking for your favourite slot machine in a large land-based can be a bit more of a hassle. You might have to go through different halls, only to find out that the casino doesn’t have the slot machine(s) of your choice. If you are the exploring type, then it could be great fun to walk passed several slot machines and to play on one that takes your fancy.

Hitting a big win

Nothing beats the sound of a slot machine in a land-based casino or gambling hall cashing out a big win. The lights, the sound the machine makes and especially the sound of coins falling out of the machine is very hard to beat. Although you can’t hear the sound of dropping coins when playing an online slot game, the online versions of slot machine nowadays have great graphics and sound effects to give you a similar experience when you hit a big win as in a land-based casino.

Slot Game Technology

Although online slots are catching up fast, land-based slots tend to offer more advanced technology of which the latest 3D technology is an example. As said, online slot machine are catching up as online 3D slots are becoming more advanced and Virtual Reality is the next big thing for online casinos.

And the Winner is…

Here at Casino Daily News we love online slots, so the answer to the posed question is clear. Depending on where you are based in the world, there seem to be a lot more choice, you can play from the comfort of your own home or when and wherever you want from your mobile device. We do understand, however, that once in a while you want to go ‘old school’ and visit a land-based casino.