Fight for Survival: Aliens from NetEnt are Here

Aliens from NetEnt probably boosts the online slots sector every bit as much as the original movie of the same name did for the film industry.
The fully-animated, 3D graphics, mood music and soundtrack are such that you could be forgiven for forgetting you were playing a slot at all, rather than a regular video game.
Aliens has all the standard NetEnt features including a fixed number of paylines (you can select different bet levels instead) and autoplay function through the now-familiar interface, but the game has a whole host of features which are seldom if ever found elsewhere.
In a nutshell the game is played in 3 stages. The first level (after a lengthy animated intro, which you can of course skip — though you may not want to!) is regular play, with animated symbols on the Aliens theme, including facehuggers and other freakish, Lovecraft-esque denizens.
Every time you get a winning combination on the reels a meter increases by one, and once you get to 10, you move up to the next level.
If you get a dead spin with no winning combination, however, the meter goes down by 1, so it can take some time to get to the next level.
Phase 2 unlocks the ‘search’, which involves shooting aliens as and where they appear on the screen.
Two things carry over from phase one, first the winning combinations you gained will determine the multiplier you get in the search, and also the amount of ammo you have to zap the aliens with. If you run out of ammo before you have killed 9 of the disgusting creatures you will be returned back to phase 1.
If you make it through phase 2 and kill enough aliens, you’re in for the 3rd and final level, the ‘hive’ where you will encounter the Queen and hence the origin of all the troubles.
Again, how well you did in level 2 dictates how much ammo you will have, and what multiplier you will get (up to a maximum of x240) in the Hive, where you have the chance of winning up to 570,000 coins!
So there you have it — a game which rewards you for your patience, but patience will be easy to come by with such a revolutionary gaming experience!