Free Spins for an Hour

Free spins for an hour is typically offered as a sign-up promotion to new players of a site. Several gambling sites offer this attractive incentive, which is generally applicable on slots games and online roulette.


How the Bonus Works

The ‘Free spins for an hour’ promo is offered by sites powered by leading software providers like Microgaming. The best aspect about this promotion is that you are not required to make a deposit. It can be availed prior to making a deposit. This gives you the opportunity to try various games that a gaming site has to offer without using your bankroll.


The promotion typically works by offering an hour of free play. You can play slots games of your choice as many times as you want within the specified time limit - 1 hour. Although you don’t wager with real money, you are offered real cash for the wins that you make. At the end of an hour, you can collect your winnings.


Wagering Criteria

Not all gambling sites allow you to withdraw the amount you win through an hour of free spins. You then have to meet certain wagering requirements before collecting your wins. Sites generally require you to wager with the amount you have won a certain number of times on various games they offer.


Get Started with your Free Spins

To receive free spins, sign up with a Microgaming site that interests you. Get the software downloaded to your system. In case you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing the software, opt for the Flash version. Select the real money game-play mode. The timer starts once you finish signing up and it indicates the time you have got left to use the free spins. The bonus ends after an hour. To continue wagering after this, you will have to make a deposit at the gaming site you are registered with.


Advantages of this promotion

The key advantage of the obtaining free spins is that you are not required to place bets with your money. Gambling sites provide you with cash through which you can place wagers. This is especially helpful for new players. They get at least one hour to get familiar with games without risking their bankrolls. Even if you don’t win, it is not your hard earned cash that you lose.


Play Free Spins for an Hour at Casino Classic

Casino Classic is a Microgaming site that offers free spins to its new players. Sign up with the site and select your favorite game from a list of 447. You can opt for video poker, table games and slots. Free gaming credits worth $500 are offered with which you can place your bets.


To qualify for the promotional offer, you have to wager minimum 20 times within 60 minutes and win at least $20 on various games offered by the site. You can continue playing even after the criteria are met or choose to quit before the time limit is up. To quit, click on the ‘quit early’ button.

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