Free Spins Transform into 100 for Lucky LeoJackpot Player!

Free Spins Transform into  100 for Lucky LeoJackpot Player!

You see, it does work sometimes…

We’ve just heard a fantastic story about a player who turned a Free Spins promotion into real money in no time at all, with the folks at LeoJackpot.

The player in question had taken advantage of a one-off campaign by Casino Daily News and got themselves 10 Free Spins on Starburst, the popular slot.

One thing led to another and they netted themselves 5 from the Free Spins themselves.

Now, you might think that’s a nice little perk for a few Free Spins, but hardly earth-shattering news — but wait, it gets better…

The player in question happened to be active on LeoJackpot just at the exact time their new Jackpot Bonanza was running (which means between 15.00 and 20.00 CET).

As luck would have it their name came up in one of the several random draws that takes place during the Jackpot Bonanza hours, giving them another 100!

In other words, what started as a casual 10 Free Spins turned into 100 in no time at all!

It seems that LeoJackpot are taking pretty good care of their players with this promo and it’s worth signing up with them if you haven’t already!

The lucky player described above is just as likely to win again — you can win multiple times with Jackpot Bonanza, so if you already have an account, keep playing as well!