Fruit Cocktail

In a Nutshell


Fruit Cocktail is a 5-reel, 9 payline classic slot from Austrian developer Novomatic, with some mouth-watering symbols that will keep you coming back for more every time!


No-nonsense, simple to play and potentially very rewarding, it boasts some clean and attractive graphics, matched with refreshing sound effects!


A Closer Look


Fruit Cocktail is a real players’ game, but just as appealing to a newbie to online slots.


The symbols are a bit like the classic ‘fruit machine’ items but with a twist — including some unusual looking split peaches, and the Wild symbol which can substitute for any symbol on a payline except the highest-paying ‘Fruit New’ symbol.


Bonus Game Features


If you get 3 or more Scatter symbols (a luscious strawberry) anywhere on the reels you’ll be taken to the ‘fever game’. This is a separate screen with a board layout around the outside and 3 reels inside.


The running light stops on a symbol at random, with some very big payouts if the symbol on the board makes a pair with one of the symbols on the 3 reels.


This continues until such time as the light lands on an ‘exit’ square, and any matching pairs you got will act as a multiplier on your existing winnings (as much as x100!).


Special Features


Every time you pick up a winning payline on Fruit Cocktail, which can be very often indeed, you have the option to double your money on the ‘take or risk’ feature (use the ‘bet one’ or ‘bet max’ buttons to select your option).


If you ‘risk’ you’ll be taken to a second screen where 5 cards appear.


The first to be flipped is the dealer’s card, and you have to beat it in order to double your money. You can of course collect and leave the screen at any time if you aren’t confident you’ll pick a higher card from the remaining 4.


You can do this as many times as you like, doubling your money every time!


Incidentally most of Novomatic’s online slots host this feature and it can be pretty rewarding!