Gary Lineker Worried About Controversial Advertising in Sports

Gary Lineker Worried About Controversial Advertising in Sports

Former England striker Gary Lineker is working as a presenter at the BBC these days and has been pretty outspoken in his views against the gambling and alcohol sponsorship often behind sports teams and individual players.

According to Lineker, he doesn’t only speak about this issue, he has also followed his words up with actions in turning down several lucrative sponsorship deals with companies he feels are not fitting to be associated with soccer or sports in general.

Lineker told journalists that

All you ever see is commercials for gambling and apps, it is really dangerous and I think we need to do something about both of them, gambling and alcohol. Gambling is just too easy to do now and as a parent I worry about it, all those ads bombarding you with in-play betting.

On the other hand Lineker skillfully deflected accusations that his advertising potato chips is just as dangerous, because of serious obesity issues for the younger generation, by claiming that people don’t get obese if occasionally indulging themselves in junk food and snacks is counter-balanced by a rigorous exercise routine.

Hmm … Casino Daily News would also like to ask Gary how he feels about having a drink while working out at the gym, or perhaps gambling at work while making money at the same time?

All jokes aside, we think that Lineker is on the right track and wish him good luck with getting his message through to the owners of sports teams and the star athletes - ie. those who are directly dependant on the questionable advertising revenues.