Get ready for Greentober

Mr Green Casino has an amazing new promotion called Greentober coming up soon. Mr Green’s version of Oktoberfest begins on the 21st of September and will last until the 7th of October. During this period all players have an excellent chance to win some free spins and give their bankroll a much needed boost.


Every day, for 17 days in a row 100 players will win 100 free spins. Yes that is correct – 10,000 free spins per day during the entire Greentober promotion. That means a mind-blowing 170,000 free spins are up for grabs!


In order to have a chance to win free spins players should visit Mr Green during the promotion to find specific instructions about which slots to play and at what time. Make sure you log into your account, find the exact game and the time when you need to play it.


If you don’t have an account yet – now would be the perfect time to open one. Use our link to get the best possible welcome bonus and go after your share of the massive 170,000 free spins!

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