Gold Factory

In a nutshell


Come into the vault of riches that is the Gold Factory slot for your chance to win an incredible 519,000 coins in free spins. Just three scatters anywhere on the reels are your ticket to two great bonus games with whopper prices waiting to be won.


A closer look


Gold Factory video slot is beautiful! Depending of your age and taste in fiction, you’ll think the layout and symbols have been inspired by either a Philip Pullman or a Jules Verne novel. The five large reels rotate and stop pleasantly no matter if you halt them by pressing the button or let them spin out.


You can choose from 4 coin values and bet up to 20 coins per bet. Gold Factory also lets you choose your pay lines. And this is not just a one-or-all choice; you can pick any number between 1 and 50 lines to play on.


The Gold Factory wild will help you complete winning lines. But don’t despair if you don’t manage 5 of the same, even a collection of 3 or 4 will be rewarded handsomely. Your very first reward upon collecting 3 or more symbols in a selected line is seeing the symbols (for example a zeppelin, a young explorer or a train) transform into little screens playing scenes involving the respective items.


Collecting 3 Bonus symbols anywhere on your selected lines will open the bonus feature, but even hitting just two is worth your while, as it will get you 2000 coins as a consolation price for missing out on the bonus round so closely.


Free Spin feature


You can win free spins in the Gold Factory slot bonus round. If you select the free spin container, you’ll see a two digit number scrolling on your screen. The number it stops on will be awarded in free spins. All free spins will be the same as the spin that activated the bonus game in terms of bet size and pay lines.


Bonus game features


Hit three scatter symbols (they’ve got the word bonus written on them so you’ll know them immediately) and the friendly bearded fellow in the top hat will take you to the first bonus level, the boiler room. Here your task is to choose for of the 12 containers. They contain various numbers of free spin coins but also a free spin prize and a reactor bonus for you to discover.


If you select containers with free spins only, they will all be added and put into your coin bank. If you manage to select the reactor bonus container, you’re in for a 2nd bonus round.


The 2nd round features another machine, this one has 12 valves, two of which malfunction. You can keep clicking on valves and collecting 1000 coins for each one of them until you hit a malfunctioning one. Doing so will end your bonus round. To make the goodbye a little sweeter, you will receive a small consolation prize from the Gold Factory slot machine.