Jackpot Bonanza Coming Soon from LeoJackpot, Giving All of Us a Chance at Winning!

Jackpot Bonanza Coming Soon from LeoJackpot, Giving All of Us a Chance at Winning!

One of the things you come across a lot in this game is jackpots.

Video Poker jackpots, jackpot slots and the holy grail of them all, the progressive jackpot, are an ever present, and yet you seldom hear of people actually claiming a jackpot, still less win one yourself (alas).

In fact, each and every time somebody does win big, you’ll be the first to hear about it here at Casino Daily News.

Which is precisely why we are simply desperate to tell you about a brand new concept in jackpots, from LeoJackpot. Called Jackpot Bonanza, the title is definitely accurate — as that is precisely what it is.

A more democratic type of bonus

Power to the people, in a very real sense, as ANYBODY can win at Jackpot Bonanza, and not only housewives living in small, out-of-the-way towns in central Finland, who were playing a slot on their phones whilst preparing the dinner (and why not!).

We will explain a little more about the details of how Jackpot Bonanza works very shortly, but it’s enough to say for now that all you need is to have an active LeoJackpot account, and that’s it!

The Jackpot Bonanza will take place daily, and be open to all comers. You don’t even need to have made a deposit!

Granted, we won’t be able to publish stories on every single winner, as that would almost bring the whole internet down, and the winnings aren’t going to be in the six-figure range but more modest sums.

What constitutes a more modest sum? Well, let’s say that the jackpot winnings would give you change from a new Samsung phone in most cases; or pay for a night out, or a restaurant meal, or football tickets, or wherever your priorities lie…

This is obviously a bit of a radical departure from the run-of-the-mill from LeoJackpot, and so rest assured we’ll be writing more about Jackpot Bonanza very soon, so watch this space!

LeoJackpot carries a whopping 500+ games, principally from NetEnt and including slots like Wonky Wabbits and Secret of the Stones, so it’s hardly going to be a bind to game with them whilst in pursuit of the Jackpot Bonanza!