Joker 8000

In a nutshell


The Joker 8000 slot is Scandinavian take on the classic fruit machine offers big pay out potential and engaging game play in three different modes.


You can switch between bet levels easily and how you use won coins is up to you at any time.


A closer look


With clean lines and a straightforward design the Joker 8000 slot machine is immediately appealing to players of all backgrounds and levels.


The main game is played on three reels with up to 5 pay lines and a coin level between 0.10 and 10 . Hit a winning combination and the fun really starts. Do you fancy trying your hand at the bonus game, a card version of the popular heads-or-tails classic? Or would you prefer to just continue playing the three main reels and collect more coins? It’s your game!


If you have collected sufficient funds in the main game and would like to go big, you can just hit the SPIN button again and the game will switch to the Supermeter mode with even bigger prizes and special combinations waiting to be hit.


Bonus features


Once you hit a winning combination in the main game you can choose to have a go at the Joker 8000 slot bonus game, but you don’t have to. If you’re just here for the reels, you won’t have to compromise!


The bonus game takes the heads-or-tails coin toss straight into the casino in this card based version. A light flashes between the red diamond and the black spade. Press one of the corresponding buttons on the panel to make your choice and see where the light stops. If you’re lucky you can bank some extra credit or try again.


Special features


Known for its sleek and practical approach, Scandinavian design is not restricted to furniture, kitchen utensils and audio equipment. Both the main game and the Supermeter mode of this slot are played in the same reel panel giving the Joker 8000 slot machine a clear and straightforward layout. Highlighted pay tables indicate clearly which mode you are playing in and the screen is much less cluttered than in a version with two individual reel panels.