Leander Games — a multi-layered gaming machine

Leander Games — a multi-layered gaming machine

Another interesting gaming executive we met at ICE 2013 was Ramiro Atucha, Business Development Director of Leander Games. The company, which is situated in Buenos Aires, Argentina, derives its name from the phrase “lion man”, which represents the wild drive and energy the workers of Leander Games put into creating their games.

Best games are made by people who play

The company is still relatively young, but the founders and workers are experienced professionals in design, statistics, mathematics, animation and psychology. The people at Leander Games believe it is crucial for the creators of games to also enjoy playing them.

The best games are created by truly understanding what makes one game better than others, what is the best way to present your products to the customer and what makes a gamer spin the reels of a particular game.

Full Interview with Ramiro Atucha, Business Development Director of Leander Games

The corporate philosophy of Leander Games, which Ramiro mentions in the interview, is definitely and interesting one. It is not all about being better than other producers and defeating the competition, it has got more to do with providing gamers with the games they really like. A lot of competition means different companies bring their own style and innovation to the table, and in the end, the players win from this.

Offering extra value to players

As an interesting concept, Leander Games try to offer some extra value to the players by adding prizes money can’t buy to their games and campaigns. A good example would be Megadeth, their hit game of 2012. To launch this game, they had created a separate campaign site and also a wave of promotional campaigns to celebrate the launch of the game at various online casinos. Fans of the band as well as fans of the game were able win signed albums of the band and some extra lucky people even won a genuine electric guitar signed by Dave Mustaine of Megadeth.

According to Ramiro Atucha, players can expect similar great prizes once their next branded game, starring country music legend Dolly Parton, goes live.

With 20 games in their portfolio and another 20 in the works, Leander Games is one of the game providers we will be keeping a close eye on. If you wish to try their games, we recommend Maxino and Mr. Green casinos.