Legendary Lion’s Share Slot Machine Finally Pays Out $2.4 million

Legendary Lion’s Share Slot Machine Finally Pays Out $2.4 million

One of Las Vegas’s most famous slots finally paid out its mammoth jackpot, after being in play for over 20 years.

Regular progressive jackpot payouts are a fact of life on the internet, with the popular slots Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune having paid out massive wins in the last few weeks, and, indeed, the biggest ever progressive slot jackpot payout coming from an online jackpot payout.

Nevertheless, brick-and-mortar casinos still hold a lot of clout and market share, and the dream holiday of many gamblers is a weekend in Sin City itself, Las Vegas, home to one of the biggest casino markets in the world (although Macau is a bigger gambling destination than Vegas).

So it’s interesting to note that the fall of one of the oldest jackpots in Las Vegas, the Lion’s Share slot at the MGM Grand, made it to the papers when it fell about a week ago.

An American couple, Walter and Linda Misco, from New Hampshire, had made the pilgrimage to Las Vegas, along with many other players, to try and win the $2.4 million payout.

“Pilgrimage” is not a misnomer here, either, as the jackpot slot attracted queues of players coming to try their luck and win the 20-year-old jackpot.

According to reports, the famous slot was the last of a network of slots that had been installed in the early 1990s, and was the most popular of MGM’s 1500 slot machines, having almost one play every 5 seconds during the day.

In fact, the game has been so popular, it’s had its own Twitter feed for several years.

All of this seems to have come to a crushing halt now, with Linda and Walter Misco hitting the big win only 5 minutes after starting their spinning.

It now seems like the famous slot machine will be retired, and there’s even a chance that Linda and Walter could have their winning slot installed in their home in New Hampshire.

We’d like to say congratulations to them both, and to all our readers who haven’t won their big payout — keep on playing, as it could be your turn next!