Little Britain

In a Nutshell


Lou: ‘Are you sure you don’t want to read this review?…’


Andy: ‘Yeah…’


Lou: ‘because once we’ve closed it, we won’t have time for you to read it again…’


Andy: ‘yeah, I know…’


Lou: ‘ok you’re absolutely positive?…’


Andy: ‘yep…'<closes review down>


‘…I wanna read the Little Britain Slot Review…’

OK, so you’ll forgive our little imaginary conversation between the long-suffering Lou and his wheelchair-bound charge Andy, who Little Britain fans will recognise from the long-running and hugely popular show, but, like Lou and Andy, we don’t get out much.


But if you’re a fan, you’ll be delighted to hear about this tie-in video slot from developer Playtech, which features all the regulars, including ASBO-laden Vicky Pollard, Emily ‘I am a Lady’ Howard, as well as the aforementioned hapless duo.


However, if you’re not a fan and are a bit perplexed by what you’ve just read, don’t worry - read on and we’ll tell you all about this entertaining and rewarding Little Britain slot!


A Closer Look


Far from being a Pirate Memory Game for Ages 4-8 (ok, one for the hardcore fans there), the Little Britain video slot from Playtech is a fantastic, 5-reel, 30-payline game for grown-ups. Three bonus scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 grant you the bonus round, of which more later.


Wilds are quite easily identifiable, carrying as they do the word ‘wild’ against a red/white striped background. The symbols feature all the major characters from the beloved series including Daffyd, Vicky Pollard and Lou and Andy, as well as standard Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace symbols.


The slot machine’s sound effects and music are from the great original show itself, and fan will also welcome the voice of Tom Baker (the 4th Doctor Who, no less) who narrated the original Little Britain TV program.


Free Spin Features


You can claim 10 free spins on the Little Britain slot if you get free spin symbols (the show’s own heraldic crest) on reels 2, 4 and 5. Does it stop there? Not at all — the free spins also give you a chance of getting character stacked wilds. If you complete a character stacked wild during the free spins bonus round, you win more — up to x100 the bet!.


Bonus Features


As we’ve already pointed out, if you get 3 bonus scatters anywhere on reels 1, 3 or 5 at the same time, you’ll be taken to the bonus features section of the Little Britain slot machine. What happens next will depend on the result of the spin of a wheel, at Tom Baker’s exhortation, and will involve one of the following Little Britain characters:


Daffyd Thomas, the self-proclaimed ‘only gay in the village’ of Llandewi Breffi, will appear for his ‘big gay challenge.’ In it, our outrageous hero will appear 3 times dressed in 3 suitably flamboyant outfits. These are split into 3 parts, top, middle and bottom, a bit like those play-fashion drawing books you used to have as a kid.


These will be shuffled 3 times. If you get all 3 matching colours, you will win the corresponding number of points. Don’t worry about having only 3 attempts at this - ‘free shuffles’ also appear from time to time, giving you extra chances. You have the chance of a x500 multiplier with Daffyd until it’s back to regular, straight (if you’ll pardon the pun) play.


Emily Howard — we’ve already met this ‘rubbish transvestite’ (Tom Baker’s words), but get reacquainted with her idiosyncrasies as she randomly opens pink containers which hold cash prizes, bonus multipliers, and extra picks. This ‘lady’ can give you up to a x500 multiplier.


Marjorie Doors — No seesaw here, but Little Britain’s resident weight watcher appears and reveals various types of food, each of which gets you prizes, though be careful to stay within Marjorie’s calorie allowance for as long as possible — once you hit it, you’re back to the main screen. This bonus also carries a maximum multiplier of x500.


Vicky Pollard — this delinquent in the crowd can’t decide what nefarious activity to partake in today, be it joyriding or even going straight to prison. You have to choose for her, with the opportunity of getting more chances. The total max win on this bonus is x750.


Lou and Andy — this odd pair will appear, and Andy will randomly pick items from a shelf full of objects which lead to multipliers if Andy likes what he chose (but the round ends when he discards 3 items with his trademark ‘don’t like it’). It’s worth Lou’s forbearance though — this bonus can carry a multiplier of up to x1,000.


Special Features


One extra character, the quite frankly nutty Anne, will appear unexpectedly at any  time (as was her wont in the show). With her trademark ‘ah ah ahhhh’ catchphrase, she will throw various out-of-place items (it was a guinea pig when we played) at the reels, turning them into wilds as she does so. This  gives you yet another great chance for more wins on the Little Britain video slot.