Magic Lines

In a nutshell


If you ever find yourself longing for the olden days when slots machines (and life itself it seems) were much simpler, Magic Lines slot will absolutely make your day!


This classic 3-reel fruit slot is simple yet captivating with its genuine spinning noise and classic feature music. Call it a guilty pleasure if you like, but you won’t be able to deny that it’s great fun! So give it a try and see if you can secure the $800 cash jackpot.


A closer look


5 pay lines to choose from on 3 reels make for a classic slot experience in the very best sense. Betsoft have made all the right choices reinventing the traditional Magic Lines slot machine. Sticking with the characteristic features of archetypal slots (all the standard symbols from oranges to lemons and bells spin to make you a winner) they have carefully added to it from the repertoire of 21rst century games. World-renowned for their cutting edge creations, the developers prove that a straightforward and stylish layout is not limited to branded cinema spin-offs.


Choose from coins between $0.02 and $20 for a bet range up to $200 to find your perfect game.


There are just three buttons but press them well and you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself! START/STOP allows you to control your spin. Decide for yourself if you like watching the reels spin and spin or just give them a little nudge. The second button lets you choose up to 5 pay lines and by pressing the third button you can double your stake. There you have it, three simple ingredients. Mix them to your own taste and enjoy ever new recipes for fun.


There are no scatter or wild symbols and no multipliers in the Magic Lines video slot, but once you have fallen under the spell of this classic machine with its smooth game play in sleek retro design, you won’t miss them!


Special features


Hit 3 matching symbols and you will find yourself facing a skill feature that fits right in with the period style and design. Watch the row of arrows at the top right corner of the slot light up and hit the button when the word STOP appears to secure your price and progress to the 2nd round. This is played in the top middle panel and requires basically the same skill. This time, however, make the lights stop when the REPEATER symbol is lit to win.


This neat little Magic Lines slot feature lets you continue collecting repeats until you run out of skill credit. And once you have won a repeat you can’t lose it again!