Massive Illegal South Korean Gambling Operation Busted

Massive Illegal South Korean Gambling Operation Busted

The whip has come down on another illegal South Korean gambling website - it seems there’s no end to these popping up.

In the latest case, South Korean police investigators have brought down an online gambling website, which had been operational for just over two years.

During that time it had handled up to about $387m in wagers.

The South Korean Police were quoted by the Korean Herald as saying that the whole scheme was mainly focused on the increasingly popular Badugi Poker.

The operation began in March 2012 and was shut down by the police in May, 2014.

The people who pulled the operation’s strings are believed to have made around KRW 40b ($38.7m) before they were put out of business.

The police have issued arrest warrants for 3 alleged members of the gang, which includes the alleged leader Yang.

An additional 26 gang members originating from 5 different gangs have been arrested under the allegations of acting as managers of the shops from where the illegal activities were ran from.

That’s not the end though, as 11 more people were arrested for gambling via the website.

The server of the illegal site was based in China, which also happens to be home to the site owner.

This latest bust is something of a tradition breaker, as most operations that target South Korean players are usually based outside the country.

Particularly the Philippines been through its share of South Koreans operating illegal betting sites in their jurisdiction, but mostly targeting their home land.

Just last month 4 Koreans were detained by the police for running an illegal gambling operation out of a rented house in Angeles City, the Philippines.

The country attracts small-time operators as honey attracts bears, most likely because of its current legal limbo regarding the status of online gambling.

Two years ago, the Philippine Court of Appeals made a ruling that online gambling was no longer a punishable offense.

As a direct result of this, a lot of non-Filippinos have been arrested for charges relating to online gambling offenses, but then they’ve been convicted for some misdemeanour and/or sent home - but they’ve never been convicted in a Philippine court for online gambling charges themselves.

For the operators, this makes the risk worth taking.