NordicSlots Casino Review

NordicSlots Casino Review
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100% bonus up to 100
100 bonus - and no wagering requirements!
    100% welcome bonus up to 100
  • Daily 100% reload bonus up to 25: Fantastic!
  • No wagering requirements



Among all the casinos currently trending on the net, Nordic Slots stands out because of its unconventional bonus scheme and generally simplistic approach.

They run everything through a simple responsive website that works as well on mobile devices as it does in a regular browser.


They’ve got a unique approach to bonuses. They’ve disposed of the usual wagering requirements, and instead set up a scheme that lets you take home all your winnings that go beyond the bonus money they’ve given you.


Which again is an interesting point — they seem to have understood that what’s really attracting players are bonuses, not free spins and the like, so they set you up with a once-a-day reload bonus of 100% up to 50. All in all a slots specialist to reckon with.


Nordic Slots is licensed in Alderney and has to comply with gaming and gambling regulations. They guarantee fair gaming and are tested for it independently.




Their welcome bonus, namely a 100% deposit match up to 100, might not seem all too special at first, but if you consider their bonus conditions things suddenly look very nice. As we explain in the next section, they’re quite a bit simpler than they are with most online casinos. You get to keep all your winnings, without any wagering requirements imposed — you just can’t withdraw the bonus money.


Their welcome bonus is just the beginning. They seem to have realized that the most experienced players go for bonuses rather than the occasional freebies, so they’ve come up with a system that allows you to skim a bonus every time you deposit. Have a look at their website for more details.




Nordic Slots have an extraordinary bonus system in place. Usually, casinos impose wagering requirements, which means that any bonus money you get you first have to bet a specified number of times before you can make a withdrawal. That’s not the case with Nordic Slots!


Instead, they’ve got a very simple system. You can only withdraw winnings, but not bonuses, which means that all the money you’re given when you sign up, deposit etc. cannot be withdrawn from your real player’s account. But once you go past that sum you can freely withdraw, making use of their guarantee to process your request within only 24 hours.


Withdrawals of 150 and more are free and will be accepted without any hassle, while smaller amounts will cost you a processing fee of 10 and require individual communication with the site.


Still, with this kind of bonus scheme and their various and regularly updated offers this is probably one of the more attractive places to play these days.




Their decision to go with Betsoft for their games is another hint at the fact that this casino is playing for a niche. Combine this choice with their bonus system and their straightforward approach to mobile gaming, and you have a candidate here that’s determined to do a few things differently.


While the typical choice of provider for the Scandinavian market would be Net Entertainment or Microgaming, Betsoft is an excellent choice because of their pioneering work with 3D graphics games. They’ve been leading the field for years, and it’s quite easy to tell that a lot of their staff have a background in movie animation. That Nordic Slots have picked them adds to making them a slightly different experience: If you throw this fact in with their generally simplified approach you get a casino that works so efficiently both online and on mobile devices that we’re probably looking at the way for the business at large to go in the near future.




As for the games they’ve got, their name is slightly misleading: You’ll find table and card games along with keno and a whole load of variety games on the site. Apart from that, of course, it’s all slots. And that’s not at all a bad thing, considering that they’ve picked Betsoft as their software provider. This means you’ll get to play cutting-edge games, as they’ve been leading the field in 3D graphics and animation for quite a while.




The jackpots at Nordic Slots include famous games like Super Joker and Mega Jackpot. By now you’ll have learned what’s special about them — they’re tied into a progressive network, which means that they have jackpot sums that can go sky-high over time and grow very quickly.


The reason why? Simple. Every time you try to win a jackpot at Nordic Slots, a tiny part of the money you wager on the game is added to the winning sum in the pot. Because there are thousands of players, this has the potential of making the possible winnings grow very quickly.


This sets off a very interesting cycle: The rising jackpot attracts more players, which again makes the winning sum go up! Once it’s won, the jackpot reseeds at an already high sum, which of course gets the whole cycle going again.


We won’t tell you which the best jackpot at Nordic Slots is — there are so many games to pick from, we’re sure you’ll find something that tickles your fancy.




You’ve figured out how to play at Nordic Slots? It’s easy enough. So now you want to get started and turn their quite extraordinary bonus terms into some real money. For this, you’ll have to make a deposit. You can do this using one of their preferred payment methods. Here’s an overview.


We usually start off the list with the most common payment options — which, surprisingly, makes this one begin with the Paysafecard. This ingenious payment method is hugely popular because it’s one of the few ways left to pay online without disclosing all of the transaction details to your bank. Nordic Slots prominently offers that one.


You can also deposit at Nordic Slots using a credit card, of course — they accept both Visa and MasterCard as well as their debit card derivatives. Alternatively, you can use Neteller’s online wallet, which is particularly attractive because it allows you to make withdrawals back into the same account.




First came the download casino, then came the browser-based Flash site, followed by special mobile sites — and now we’ve entered the age of the responsive online casino: Nordic Slots doesn’t need a mobile version, it simply changes depending on the device you use with it. Fast, neat, flawless.


The Nordic Slots mobile casino is a lot more straightforward than what you’re ordinarily used to. Accessing their site from a mobile device reduces it to the max: All you look at are the most important points, such as the log-in and the games, and that’s all there’s to it. It’s quick and simple, which means it will make you less trouble than other seemingly more sophisticated sites. If you’re about to play mobile casino with Nordic Slots you’ve got a state-of-the-art adaptive site waiting for you. Provided you have a decent Internet connection, loading times are short, and game display is A-okay.


Availability for different operating systems:


Nordic Slots for Android — depending on the screen very good performance. Users with newer devices will enjoy the nice graphics.


Nordic Slots for your Windows phone — works without any issues.


Nordic Slots for your iPad — clean, fast, no complaints.


Nordic Slots for your iPhone — see above.




Support at Nordic Slots is easy to reach: Simply click on the live chat button available either on the page you’re currently surfing or in the Contact Us section, and you’ll be in touch with a representative of their customer care department in no time. Alternatively there’s also an e-mail contact form as well as a phone line.