Norwegian Bets on Luis Suarez Biting Italian, Wins 670

Norwegian Bets on Luis Suarez Biting Italian, Wins  670

The footballing world is up in arms after Tuesday’s Italy-Uruguay match, which saw the Europeans crashing out of the World Cup, but not until after Luis Suarez seemingly indulged his predilection for human flesh and bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder.

While Suarez is now facing yet another ban (this one potentially up to 24 matches) for what seems to be his third biting offence, and thus putting Uruguay’s World Cup hopes in jeopardy, one lucky Norwegian player was thrilled to find that Suarez’s hunger came through when needed, and has become 670 richer after betting on the unlikely event.

Thomas Syverson placed a small wager on Suarez biting someone during the match, and was as surprised as anyone when the 175-to-1 bet paid out, to the tune of 670. Syverson was quoted in Norway’s Afterposten newspaper as saying, “This is probably the sickest game I’ve handed in, not to mention the sickest game I’ve won.”

While we’re not endorsing Luis Suarez’s culinary choices, we’re glad that at least one person has benefited from his unsporting behavior. It was a sick game, to be sure, but any good news coming out of this is for the best.

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So congratulations to Thomas Syverson, and we hope that, for his sake, he continues his run of good luck during the remaining games, as we head out of the group stages into the elimination rounds.

As for Suarez, well… although there seems to be little hope of imposing a, shall we say, physical sanction on him, and actually physically removing the offending fangs, it would be good to see the badly behaved brat brought down a peg or two. It’s unlikely to make a huge difference, but every little bit helps. Footballers are renowned for their bad behavior, after all. We ordinary people would like to see them act like normal human beings for once, though. Or would we?…