Play a Gold-Filled Medieval Quest on Avalon II at Jackpot City

Play a Gold-Filled Medieval Quest on Avalon II at Jackpot City

Facing evil may never be easy, at least not when the Microgaming team is involved in the making of a true pioneering game based on the Arthurian myths.

We’re talking about their forthcoming Avalon II video slot of course, expected to hit Jackpot City Casino on 5 February, 2014.

Gold Riches and a Medieval Bloodbath

While staying true to themselves, Microgaming have incorporated many elements that tear down the barriers between a cinematographic 3D adventure and a video slot, followed by action sequences which help narrate the quest for the Holy Grail while delivering loads of great game bonuses at the same time.

With Microgaming’s propensity to chuck magic into the mix, they have loaded the game with a series of bonuses which promise to deliver some great cash rewards.

Take the Grail Bonus, an 8-step quest where punters can re-forge Excalibur, spin the Wheel of Fortune and fight against the Black Knight to bring the Holy Grail back to safe hands.

But are Microgaming retaining the storyline from the original Avalon slot? Well, they have actually expanded the plot and made it even richer and more interesting than before.

So are Microgaming blurring the lines between video games and video slots?

Probably, though it’s still a bit early to reach any firm conclusions on that matter…

Anyway, players can besiege this game at Jackpot City on the 5 February, 2014, and let them double your welcome bonus up to 500.