Play it Smart

Play it Smart

For centuries mathematicians, magicians and probably representatives of just about any profession invented on this planet, have been trying to figure out a fool-proof way of beating the casino at one of their own games.

Who wouldn’t love to have the lavish life of a professional gambler, jetting between Macau and Las Vegas in a private plane and sitting at the Baccarat table with a Martini, rather than marking time at the office in front of an Excel table?

There are indeed those people who enjoy the life of a professional gambler; however none of the successful ones seem too eager to reveal their secrets, so instead we have come up with some helpful hints and tips of our own.

We don’t claim that our tips will instantly transform you into a professional, but they should at least help you do 3 things:

  1. Maximize your starting capital (welcome bonus, deposit method bonus, VIP program);
  2. Minimize excessive losses (limit playing time, manage your money);
  3. Maximize the fun (play to the max with the best bonuses, free spins and cashbacks).

Check out these simple tips to make the most of your gaming experience!