Player Turned 30 Into 6,000 at Vera&John’s

Player Turned  30 Into  6,000 at Vera&John’s

Vera&John’s Guaranteed Winnings promotion might seem like a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Kind of contest, where people keep on winning constantly, and someone is always walking away with money in his pocket. You’ll be glad to know the promotion is actually happening every week and only today a new player won 6,000 out of an initial 30 deposit made on his mobile phone.

Getting 2,575 of extra cash

Hans is a registered player at Vera&John Casino. He started playing NetEnt’s Jack Hammer 2 video slot on his tablet with an initial 30 deposit. After betting 5 per spin, he managed to scoop 3,425 on his account, which, by the way, is an average win on this game.

Noticing that Hans was the biggest winner of the day, Vera&John topped him up with an extra 2,575 in cash, with no wagering requirements and no strings attached.

Hans didn’t give us any specific details on what he’d do with his winnings, although he commented:

I will treat myself to some kind of vacation, that’s for sure.

Vera&John’s Guaranteed Winnings usually tops up wins until they reach 5,000. However, if for some reason there aren’t any winners, then this amount is increased by 1,000 per day until a player wins.

As of today, the Guaranteed Winnings promotion has reached 7,000 and any new or registered player can win this amount by simply playing their favorite game and trying to win as much as possible in just one single spin.