Poker Player Loses $1m after Bad Beat

Poker Player Loses $1m after Bad Beat

If you know poker, you know that there have been and will be brutal bad beats to end players’ title dreams. That’s just how poker is.

This year’s Big One for One Drop tournament event in the WSOP was no different as Connor Drinan lost a hand pre-flop against Cary Katz, but get this — they both had pocket aces! Just to add a scoop of ’weird’ to the whole scenario, Katz stated before Drinan re-raised all-in, ’Save your money, kid. You can’t win every pot“.

Aces versus aces, no sweat there. Just one in 46 hands will someone either win or lose when all-in against a player with the same cards. The flop gives some hope for Katz as two hearts hit the board. Now the odds of him winning are 1 to 20.

The turn brings another heart as things suddenly get very real as the odds of Katz winning are now 1 to 5. The winner of last year’s The Big One for One Drop tournament, Antonio Esfandiari, couldn’t believe what was happening as he sat in his chair, amused at the hand. It can’t be, right? It can, Drinan realizes as the river brings a fourth heart to end his tournament in 18th place in a heart-aching fashion. There’s a moment of silence in the room to grieve Drinan’s cracked aces.

Watch the video below to see for yourself how the incredible hand took place.