Random2Wins, 5,000 on a Double Classic Slot at ComeOn!

Random2Wins,  5,000 on a Double Classic Slot at ComeOn!

Players can try their luck at one of the most groundbreaking games of the month, Random2Wins, which combines two classic slots in one single game, available now at ComeOn! Casino.

Random2Wins is the first twin slot machine in the online world! Players can choose to spin both slots at the same time or just one at a time if they prefer.

With this highly unconventional approach, Random2Wins can actually be played by both new and/or seasoned punters; nonetheless we recommended newbies to spin these slots independently of each other a few times to get the hang of the game.

Double wins and Multipliers

As with all classic slots, Random2Wins employs 3 reels with 5 active paylines. All winning combinations pay from left to right, with prizes multiplied by the value of the triggering bet.

Bet 10 credits on each slot and you’ll activate a fourth reel and 10 active paylines.

What really got us in the mood for this game was its 95.02 per cent payback at ComeOn!, one of the highest among classic slots when compared with other, rather simpler slots.

The only problem with this game is that after playing you may not want to go back to the average mind-numbing classic slot that doesn’t offer double wins!