Real money Backgammon apps

Real money Backgammon apps

Important Features of Real Money Backgammon Apps

The thrill and excitement of playing backgammon can now be enjoyed through your mobile phones. Online casinos offer a wide range of real money backgammon apps for your mobile. With the backgammon mobile app you can play the game whenever you want.


Features of Backgammon Mobile App


Game and Transaction Record

The backgammon app will maintain records of all the transactions you make when you deposit and withdraw money from your casino account. With this feature you can go back and check details of how much you have spent and earned in a backgammon game. The app will also store the history of all the games you played. Thus you will have a record of the total number of rounds played as well as a count of games won and lost.


Pause Option

When you play backgammon on your mobile you could get a call, or you could get disconnected from the internet. Keeping these possibilities in mind, the real money backgammon app is developed in a way that whenever your game gets interrupted, it will store your game on the server and put it in the pause mode. As soon as you are able to reconnect, it will continue game from the server and restore it on your mobile from exactly the same point where you left it.


Deposit and Withdrawal

The real money backgammon app also has the cashier feature which you can use to make payments. While registering on the online casino from your computer, you will be asked to choose a payment option. This option will be stored in the casino’s server. Whenever you wish to make a payment to the casino, you do not require to log in with your computer again, you can do it with your mobile app by using the payment option already assigned to your casino account.


Similarly the mobile app will transfer your payouts to your casino account whenever you win a game. You have the option of either withdrawing the payout from your casino account or using it to play further. From your casino account you can then get it transferred to your bank account or retrieve it by any other way that is available at the casino.


Tips to Remember Before Downloading the App



Technical Systems Testing (TST) is an organization that certifies various mobile casino apps based on the results of various tests and verifications. They certify that the apps are in accordance with the states regulatory policies for mobile casinos. Always check whether the online casino is licensed and certified before using its real money backgammon app.


Withdrawal Options

There are several withdrawal options by which you can get your payouts from the casino account. Find out the time taken by your preferred method. Also check if there is an extra charge for certain methods. Some of the mobile casinos will take a small fee for sending a money order or a check. Direct bank wire transfer is mostly free of cost.