Why are slot tournaments all the rage?

Why are slot tournaments all the rage?

There are plenty of ways to play online casino slots — You can either play for free and win nothing or else, use your own funds to play for money. But if you’ve done both and want to bolster your online casino adventure, then taking part in a slot tournament is the next most natural step. Read on to learn more.

What are slot tournaments?


A slot tournament is a competition whereby you compete against other players playing at the designated slot set by the casino. You will be tasked with playing a particular slot for a certain amount of time, and you need to try and win as much as possible before running out of time.

You will be judged on the winnings you accumulate during the tournament. Throughout the tournament, you should be able to monitor how you’re doing based on the leaderboard on the side of the game.

The player who has the highest score once the tournament has finished, will win a lump sum from the prize pool. Some slot tournaments only have one prize up for grabs while others have different cash prizes to be snatched up by the top 10 players.

What makes slot tournaments popular, is the fact that you will still keep the winnings from the slot game but you also have the added chance of snatching a bigger and better prize depending on how well you perform during the tournament.

Benefits of slot tournaments

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  • More excitement: Your main goal here is to increase your bankroll by increasing the potential chances of winning. With a clear prize in sight, you have far better odds of winning the top prize than the jackpot so get in there, and try your hand at winning the slot tournament.
  • Massive payouts: Online casino’s slot tournaments have payouts running well into the thousands. All you are doing is playing your favourite slot game but if you get lucky and you win, you will get nearer to winning the top prize.
  • Holiday Prizes: Instead of money, some online casinos have vacations as the top prize of the tournament.

Where can I play slot tournaments?

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