South Park

In a nutshell


The eccentric and somewhat obnoxious South Park gang has taken over the video slot scene by bringing one of the most unconventional and progressive games ever to be released.


With 25 paylines, wild substitutions, Sticky Wilds, 4 bonus games and 3 mini-features, the South Park slot can be seen as a homage to the original animated TV series, but it also represents a new adventure for hardcore South Park fans, featuring a wide range of bonuses, animated clips, talking symbols and totally new ways to win up to 1,250,000 like no other NetEnt slot has ever before.


A Closer Look


The South Park video slot is as exhilarating and unpredictable as the series itself. NetEnt seem to have outdone themselves with this one-of-a-kind game that redefines the thrill of gambling, combining a regular slot game with bonuses, animated missions and mini-features, each one inspired by a different character from the original TV series.


See Cartman wield a fire extinguisher against some hippies hiding coins in the bushes, help Kenny cross the street and dodge stricken airplanes falling on his head to win multipliers, kick Kyle’s baby brother Ike to win prizes in a hopscotch game, or puke on Stan’s girlfriend Wendy to collect an array of free spins and sticky wilds!


Free Spins feature


Each one of the South Park bonus games contains a different set of free spins. Check the Bonus Games section below for a detailed review on each of them.


Bonus Games


With four bonus games, the South Park slot machine brings new meaning to what a video slot can be. Featuring Kyle, Kenny, Cartman and Stan, each game is activated by collecting the character’s bonus symbol anywhere on the 5th reel.


NB: only one bonus game can be activated at a time, although mini-features can show up at any time during the bonus games.


Kyle Bonus Spin: Players are welcomed with 10 free spins, although additional spins can be won during this bonus game. When Kyle’s baby brother Ike appears on the reels his symbol will fall down, landing on a hopscotch grid at the bottom of the reels. Each time Kyle kicks Ike he’ll land on one of the tiles, activating one of the following prizes:


1) 3 additional free spins,

2) A random multiplier from x2 up to x10,

3) Extra coins.

This bonus game will end once you have finished your free spins.


Kenny Bonus Game: Help Kenny negotiate the streets of South Park; each time you save him from any danger you’ll earn extra coins and multipliers.


You’ll have 3 lives at the beginning of this bonus to traverse 3 types of zones (namely the win, the multiplier and the danger zone) each one of them containing extra coins and multipliers. Select one of the positions on the streets and help Kenny move across, trying to avoid car accidents, falling airplanes or manholes in the street.


This bonus game can reward you with up to 139,000 coins. If Kenny does make it across all the zones, you’ll win additional coin prizes.


Cartman Bonus Game: Grab a fire extinguisher and aim at hippies hiding behind the bushes, concealing prizes and x2 multipliers. But beware! Avoid getting busted by the local law enforcement Officer Barbrady, otherwise the bonus game will be over.


You’ll see 8 bushes on the screen, each of which may contain hippies with prizes or a policeman. Aim at them with the extinguisher to reveal the hidden prizes.


Some bushes may be hiding two hippies, in which case your prizes will be doubled. If you get busted by the policeman, though, the bonus game will be reset and you’ll have just one last chance to play. The bonus game ends immediately the second time Barbrady makes an appearance.


The Cartman Bonus Game can reward you with up to 1,250,000 coins.


Stan Bonus Spins: This bonus game will show up a sticky wild symbol in the middle of the 3rd reel, and will remain in that position for the following 2 respins. After this has happened, sticky wilds may randomly appear throughout this bonus, adding 2 respins each time they show up, and substituting for all symbols.


This bonus game will end once there are no more sticky wilds left on the reels.


Special features


The South Park slot also comprises a long list of extra features that will randomly show up on the screen, adding further chances to win that are not to be sniffed at, including:


Mr. Hankey Mini-Feature: Mr Hankey can appear arbitrarily on the reels, splattering from symbol to symbol and transforming them into wilds on the next spin.


Terrance and Phillip Mini-Feature: This foul-mouthed Canadian duo will pop out of the reels and bring forth 3 Wild symbols on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels.


Cartman Mini-Feature: featuring Cartman in beefcake mode, this feature creates a 3×3 block of wild symbols, allowing larger wins and multiple payline combinations. The Cartman mini-feature shows up only from the 2nd to the 4th reel.