Start Climbing towards Everest’s Summit Today at LeoJackpot!

Start Climbing towards Everest’s Summit Today at LeoJackpot!

The next massive bonus expedition sets out from base camp today, with all eyes on the summit of Mt Everest.

If you haven’t done so yet, visit LeoJackpot and deposit a minimum of 20 in your account to qualify for the campaign. There are 6 peaks to summit, and you have 11 days to do so, with the campaign ending on 1 October 2014.

As a reward for climbing each of the 6 peaks in the Mt Everest campaign, you’ll get progressively larger deposit bonuses, from a 25% bonus for reaching the top of Taranaki, all the way to a massive 200% Bonus up to 300, plus 250 in Bonus Money when you reach the summit of Mt Everest, the ceiling of the world!

And, even if you don’t have an account at LeoJackpot, you can still open your account and get up to 250 and 250 Free Spins, plus a total of up to 2,050 in Bonuses from the Climb Mt Everest promotion. That could leave you with a mammoth 2,300 in bonuses, all before the end of September!

So click on the link to start your expedition up the slopes of Mt Everest, and get ready for big bonuses!