Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions  In the following terms and conditions, the person whose details are given on our booking confirmation is referred to as "you" and the owners and management of The Lodges at New House Farm is collectively referred to as "us".

  1. Confirmation of your booking will be provided by us via e-mail, and will commit both you and us to your booking.
  2. Accommodation at The Lodges at New House Farm is let from 3pm on the day of arrival to 11am on the day of departure. We reserve the right to charge a fee in the event that properties are not vacated by 11am, unless pre-agreed with the management.If your arrival is delayed, you must contact the person whose details are given on our booking confirmation so that alternative arrangements can be made for you to access your accommodation. If you fail to do so you may not be able to gain access to your Lodge. If you fail to arrive by midday on the day after your booked arrival date and you do not advise the contact of your anticipated late arrival we may treat the booking as having been cancelled by you.
  3. We offer self-catering accommodation which means that we do not provide serviced accommodation. Call-outs that are not considered an emergency or are considered over and above usual self-catering requirements will be subject to charges and we reserve the right to make a charge accordingly.
  4. No more than the stated number of persons at the time of booking your stay are permitted to use the property. We reserve the right to charge a fee if additional guests and/or visitors arrive at the property without prior agreement.
  5. We require a list of names of all guests staying in your group, and this must be provided before check in.
  6. We reserve the right of admission.
  7. Although the six Lodges can be booked together, they are often booked separately. Each has their own private space. To respect the privacy and comfort of any other guests we ask that there is no excessive noise after 10pm, particularly outside, otherwise we reserve the right to charge a fee, and will accept persistent noise as a cancellation of your booking.
  8. We welcome groups to hire the whole of the Lodges and other facilities, who have discussed their needs with us beforehand
  9. Weddings cannot take place at New House Farm. In accordance with the terms of our permitted use, without a licence and consent from the property owners, any formal ceremony held on our premises can be made invalid upon notification to the council.
  10. In the event that a wedding or wedding celebration is arranged for you  whilst here, without prior agreement with us, we reserve the right to refuse admission, and will either charge additional costs, or take this as a cancellation of your booking. We avoid this by having phone calls, or organising a visit to the farm in person,  to discuss your stay here - just call us to discuss group bookings. 
  11. We do not host stag parties. We reserve the right to refuse admission, and will take the arrangement of a stag party here as a cancellation of the whole booking, and insist that the stag party leaves immediately.
  12. We may have to restrict access to the Long Barn at any time.
  13. The owners have the right to refuse entry to a property and cancel a booking at any time.
  14. A reservation, once confirmed in writing, renders the person booking liable for the full payment of the quoted price, if payment has not been taken in full.
  15. Payments are non-refundable so it is recommended that appropriate travel insurance is taken out. We will do our best to re-sell your booking, and wherever possible, arrange a refund.
  16. In the event of a cancellation, please advise the owners with as much notice as possible so that best efforts can be made to re-let the property for you.
  17. A booking is not secure until full payment has been received to confirm your booking.
  18. Before checking in, we take a pre-authorisation of £250 via a bank card 'swipe' upon arrival, from the card of the person who made the booking. This is to ensure any extra charges or the cost of breakages / lost items is covered. We do not accept American Express.
  19. Name, address and post code details are required at the time of booking. We are entitled to retain these details for registration with relevant tourism improvement schemes or future marketing (which will include opt out options) but we will not to pass your details on to any third party for marketing purposes.
  20. Larger groups booking several buildings together may decide to move furniture, fixtures and fittings. If the furniture, fixtures and fittings (including kitchen equipment, crockery, etc) is not returned to their original location, or their movement has caused any damage, we reserve the right to charge a fee for the costs of relocation or damage.
  21. There is a strict no smoking policy inside all of the buildings. We reserve the right to charge a fee, for, but not limited to, the whole of the security pre-authorisation if there evidence of any smoke damage, or retained smoke smell, as we are a no smoking facility – the next guests are within their rights to expect a room free from the smells of a guest smoking in their suite before their arrival.
  22. We are a non-glass use facility as much as is possible. We provide high quality polycarbonate glasses in all of the Lodges and the Long Barn. We do not allow actual glass (including bottles) outside of any Lodge, as this is unfair to other guests, and their potentially barefoot children, and to ourselves and our animals. We reserve the right to make a charge for any
  23. Wi-fi internet access is provided free of charge for guests in certain areas. The Long Barn, the Garden Lodges, the Pool Lodges, the Stables Lodges and the swimming pool area have wifi coverage. We would ask guests to be mindful of their bandwidth usage and of others also wishing to use it. We can provide a portable wifi device that runs on a 4G network, so there is a limited daily data allowance of 0.5GB per guest, and whilst lent out. With this portable device, we do not allow streaming , Skype calls or similar, nor the up or downloading of large files. In the event of inappropriate or excessive internet data usage on this device, beyond these guidelines, we reserve the right to make a charge for this usage, not limited to the £250 pre-authorisation sum from your bank card.
  24. A microwave, a toaster, a barbecue, cots and high chairs are available upon request at no cost (subject to availability)
  25. Additional linen and beddings for sofa beds, extra single beds and extra towels are available on request at the time of booking, for which additional charges apply. There is no guarantee that they will be available if requested on arrival or during your stay.
  26. Dogs are not allowed at New House Farm. We have can recommend excellent local kennels that will allow dogs to stay with thenm, be picked up during the day, and dropped off again between the hours of 9am and 5pm. We reserve the right to refuse guests entry if attempting to bring dogs onto the property.
  27. Arrival at the Lodges at New House Farm means that every member of the party accompanying the individual making the booking also understands and follows these terms and conditions and that they apply to each individual as a guest at the venue. If one guest of a party is refused admission, or asked to leave, the whole group is at risk of also being asked to do the same. If we have refused to accomodate a person, for whatever reason, we will accept the cancellation of the booking for the whole group, if that person does not leave upon request. You have a responsibility to keep a peaceful atmosphere here, with your group.
  28. Strict speed limits apply at The Lodges at New House Farm - It is a countryside retreat, but also a location where other people, local wildlife, small (and bigger) children, cats, dogs, chickens – all kinds of peaceful animals - enjoy life at the farm. It is a strict condition that everybody accepts the condition that they will drive no faster than 5 miles per hour. We reserve the right to make charges in the case of any damages or injury caused by exceeding the 5 miles per hour speed limit. In the case of serious injury or damage, the police will be called. Under no circumstances are cars to be driven in excess of the UK blood/alcohol limits.
  29. The access track to the Lodges at New House Farm is a private rural traffic route, but also a public footpath, and we recommend you drive with appropriate caution, at the appropriate speed to protect your vehicle, yourselves, other people and the local wildlife. Special attention should be taken to protecting the underside of your vehicle, and the we do not accept any responsibility for any damage caused to your car, or any of your property whilst driving down the access lane, or whilst on the premises. Once you have reached the Lodges at New House Farm, we are not liable for any damage to your vehicle or its contents, and you are liable for any damage caused by yourself to your own vehicle or by yourself to another vehicle, or to any part of the premises.
  30. Only one car per Lodge is allowed on to the parking facilities of New House Farm (unless agreed by prior arrangement). There is no parking available in the lane approaching New House Farm, or on Sheepstreet Lane, or in the adjoining farm. If your car has to be removed for any reason, including parking on access lanes, we accept no responsibility for any damage incurred to the vehicle, or for any damage caused in it's removal.
  31. In the event of any damage, or loss, please report it so that it can be assessed before you leave the property. In the event that it is not assessed we reserve the right to cover the costs for any damage or loss caused from your pre-authorisation of your bank card.
  32. Please leave the property in an orderly condition so we have ample time to clean in preparation for our next guests. If we have to incur extra cleaning costs, we reserve the right to take this cost from your bank car pre-authorisation.
  33. You agree to take all necessary steps to safeguard your personal property. No liability to you is accepted in respect of damage to or loss of such property, except where the damage or loss is caused by our negligence. Please keep your Lodge locked when it is unoccupied, and take the key with you, or leave it with a member of the management team. If your Lodge is left open or unlocked, and any items go missing, the management accepts no responsibility for their disappearance in any way. The booking guest is responsible for any items that go missing.
  34. When you check out, please either hand the keys to a member of the management team, or please leave them on your Lodge's kitchen table, and close the door of your Lodge.
  35. We are a peaceful retreat, and to make sure other guests are not crowded, after checking out, you and your group are asked to leave The Lodges at New House Farm (unless access to any part of the farm is pre-agreed with management). Unfortunately, we cannot allow guests to stay on at the farm after checking out.
  36. Unless agreed by prior arrangement, the clearly specified areas marked as “Private” are not to be accessed by any guests. By booking with us, you agree that there are private areas in New House Farm that are clearly and strictly inaccessible as part of your booking to stay at The Lodges at New House Farm, and if any member of your group goes into a designated private area, we reserve the right to take this as a cancellation of your booking, and you agree to leave the property with immediate effect.
  37. We accept no responsibility for any injury, or death to or by any person who breaches the boundaries of designated restricted or private areas. All areas where there are water hazards, or other natural hazards, will be pointed out to you verbally, or in your welcome information pack, along with all necessary safety advice and any other hazard warnings. Your information pack will be emailed to you upon confirmation of your booking, and a copy will also be in your Lodge upon arrival.
  38. This is a quiet retreat and we insist that no music can be played live by musicians, or pre recorded music played through a sound system of any kind (including telephones), unless agreed with the management, in any part of the outside premises. Music can be enjoyed outside through headphones, strictly worn on the head for private individual use. Any continued insistence on playing music out loud will be accepted as a cancellation of your booking, for your whole group.
  39. You agree to allow us, or any representative of ours, access at any reasonable time during your stay for the purpose of essential repairs.
  40. Our liability
    1. Our maximum liability for losses you suffer as a result of us acting in breach of these terms and conditions is strictly limited to the total amount you have paid to us. This includes compensation for any losses which are a foreseeable consequence of us breaking the agreement. Losses are foreseeable where they could be contemplated by you and us at the time your order is accepted by us.
    2. This does not include or limit in any way our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or for any matter for which it would be illegal for us to exclude, or attempt to exclude, our liability.
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