The Incredible Hulk

In a nutshell


Stan Lee’s ingenious creation comes to your PC screen in this brilliant The Incredible Hulk slot that not only offers audio and visual excitement, inspired bonus games and a myriad of opportunities to win, it could also be your ticket to one of the four progressive jackpots the franchise offers across all its slots.


A closer look


There are 50 pay lines on offer on the 5 reels of this poison green adventure ride called The Incredible Hulk video slot. You can select them in steps of 5 for your personal favourite pattern. Stakes can range from $0.01 to $5 at up to 10 coins per line and bet.


Catch the top symbol (the radioactive label) on all 5 reels on a pay line and bank your bet x4000! But since the higher symbols pay from 2 hits you’re always in with an excellent chance for regular credit boosts. High card symbols pay from 3 to 5 in a pay line.


The game moves at a pleasant pace, allowing you to make your own start/stop mark any time thanks to the skill stop option. You can to go auto and select a number of spins you want the game to take for you but spinning yourself is much faster.


Catch the wild Hulk symbol in the middle of the third reel to see it expand and secure 2 re-spins. Elsewhere on reels 2, 3 and 4 the expanding wild is still worth one re-spin. Re-spins are automatic and reels 2 and 5 spin upwards for a twist.


Even if you don’t usually, consider playing this The Incredible Hulk slot machine with the game music on. You can hear Hulk growl in the background and winning opportunities are hailed by a captivating adventure soundtrack.


Free spin feature


The scatter symbol, the Incredible Hulk sign, triggers 10 free spins at a multiplier of 3 when caught 3 or more times.

You’ll also have the expanding Hulk wild and its associated re-spins in your arsenal during the free spins, so they can quickly become well worth your while.


Bonus features


True to form, Hulk shows his full potential when smashing things! It’s smashing police cars and helicopters which will optimize your prize potential in The Incredible Hulk slot. Hit the Smash Bonus symbol on reels 1 and 5 and you’ll get to play along.


The bonus feature is set in a face-off between Hulk and the authorities. First, select three of the five police cars for Hulk to smash and discover the coin value they hold.


Once the cars are done with it’s on to the helicopters. There are three of them hovering over the big green guy. Pick one and see the corresponding multiplier applied to your bonus winnings.


Special features


As part of the Marvel franchise, Hulk has fast track tickets to one of their four famous progressive jackpots up his sleeve. Bet big to increase your chance to win one and face the infamous 4×5 game panel. Can you find three matching jackpot symbols and bag the win of a lifetime?