The Ongoing Saga of Unibet

The Ongoing Saga of Unibet

We have already commented recently on a variety of issues customers have been experiencing surrounding Unibet, and it appears there is more.

In addition to poor customer services that has seen customers’ accounts being frozen for being ‘rude’ to Unibet representatives, there have been accusations of rigged online roulette wheels, seemingly stingy bonuses and some pretty draconian security measures. On this last point, no one can deny that security and fraud detection is a huge part of this sector, and rightly so, but it does appear that sometimes the baby gets thrown out with the bathwater so to speak, in other words sound customers can get denied payouts which they seem to qualify for. On one forum a player quoted a figure of US $26,108 as being in his account but which he couldn’t make a withdrawal on.

It seems something that Unibet is highly suspicious of users based in, for example, newer EU member states like Romania or Croatia (though one of the most prominent customer services complaints actually came from neighboring Denmark — Unibet is a Swedish company). Moreover problems have also been reported in connection with withdrawal delays, stringent and repetitive security checks and frozen accounts in Unibet’s Poker Room in ‘older’ EU states like France or the UK, as well as the US.

To sum up, when opening an account with any online casino, always read the small print. If you do still get disappointed in some way, there are various avenues you can take to try to redress the balance. In the case of Unibet since they are registered in Malta (as are many other, reputable, casinos) the body in question would be the Lotteries and Gaming Authority, Malta who have a website. You can also share your experiences with other players on the various user forums. Occasionally a representative from the company in question might post a response; this is beneficial since it is always good to get both sides of an argument regardless of how aggrieved you may feel, and may even lead to an amicable resolution. On this last point, be wary of setting up a site of your own bashing any company you’ve had a bad experience with as there can be legal issues there which might cause far more problems than they solve.

Above all, have fun — the vast majority of reputable casinos are here to help and have customer service channels which reflect that ethos, so there is not any reason under the sun why you should become another aggrieved player.