In a nutshell


An inspiring adventure from the cold North that will make you hot with excitement, Thor slot not only comes with two different free spin features but has enlisted family, friends and foes to take you to a new video slot dimension.


A closer look


Playtech’s Thor slot is inspired by the 2011 film version of this Norse myth and the developers have done an exceptional job and brought all the visual delight from the silver screen right to your personal display.


The graphics are as crisp as they come and you will easily recognize the characters. And they are all there! Thor’s brought his father and brother along as well as his faithful Three Warrior gang and the enchanting Sif. High card symbols complete the collection.


The hero of the slot, Thor himself, is the wild and is stacked on reels 2 and 4 for special treat re-spins and free spins, respectively. His hammer is the scatter and the Gatekeeper is your ticket to one of two, or indeed both, free spin features.


Consider playing on all 30 pay lines and choosing from the upper end of the $0.05 to $5 coin value scale to increase your chances to win one of the famed Marvel progressive jackpots!


Free Spin Feature


Reel 3 is the realm of the Gatekeeper. Get him to fill the reel and you will be on your way to exciting free spins. Coming from Asgard (the main game) you’ll find yourself on a bridge faced with a choice of two destinations: Earth and Jotunheim. Either choice comes with a special free spin feature.


The Jotunheim free spins features an extra wild which freezes a winning combination for the next spin - to guarantee a repeat win or an even better one. Thor and his re-spin potential and more Gatekeeper symbols, i.e. the chance to switch to the other free game mode, are also included.


The extra wild in the Earth free spins brings fire to reels 1 to 4 which will make the position frames burn for up to 4 spins. Free spins can go on indefinitely, depending on your look choosing your next destination when taken back to the Gatekeeper. All free spins are played on dedicated reels.


Special features


As with any Marvel video slot, Thor offers you the chance to win one of the four Mystery Progressive Jackpots for which the network is famous. Absolutely any spin could get you to the feature, even one without a winning combination, but your chances are better the bigger your bet, so choose wisely.


Once selected you will find yourself facing the (in)famous 4×5 grid. Take your picks and see which potentially life changing jackpot will be yours.