Tiki Wonders’ 25k Hit at iGame Casino

Tiki Wonders’  25k Hit at iGame Casino

Paula, a Finnish-registered punter at iGame casino managed to turn a 3 bet into a 25, 956 win playing NetEnt´s polynesian adventure, Tiki Wonders video slot.

Tiki Wonders literally stands for ‘the progenitor of wonder’ and, living up to its name, you’ll find plenty of chances of scoring at least some 5,000 coins on this game or hitting one of its jackpots (there are two, by the way).

In this particular case, Paula just opened her account at iGame on 4 November, 2013, and in just two days’ time she turned her 3 bet into a nearly 26,000 win.

In all honesty, this new win at iGame has really exceeded our expectations as to how profitable this game can actually be. We already know that NetEnt’s Tiki Wonders has proven a winner on a regular basis, only this time it pooled over 20,000 on its Mega Wonder Jackpot.

Most people find the Polynesian beach lifestyle and culture alluring, especially those of us living in more northerly latitudes, and NetEnt hasn’t skimped on the prizes concealed in the wooden carvings washed up on deserted beaches.

Don’t worry, you won´t have to perform a ‘Hakka’ or a Samoan ‘Manu Siva Tau’ nor any tribal ritual to hit the game’s Mega Wonder Jackpot.