Tips on playing Gin Rummy online

Tips on playing Gin Rummy online

The online version of Gin Rummy is one of the few card games that can be played only by two players. Played with a standard deck of 52 cards, it requires players to make hands with which they can score more than their opponent to win. Here are a few tips you can use to increase your chances of winning when you play the game online.


Opt for an early knock

Remember to use the knock option early when playing the game online. As the game progresses, knocking will not be effective as other players would already have discarded unwanted cards of higher value. Try to develop a hand consisting of a triangle, melds and a cache of knocks. Players can knock when they get to complete a meld from the triangle.


Focus on the opponent’s gameplay

Online Gin Rummy is a game of strategies and tactics. Stay focused throughout the game and pay attention to how your opponent is playing. Try to remember the cards that have been discarded by him as it will give you an idea of his hand. Those that have not been accepted by the opponent from the discard pile can also help you to understand his hands.


Retain and accept middle cards

From the beginning of the game, retain middle cards such as 6 or 7 as they are more likely than others to help in forming melds and triangles. Accept a middle one when your opponent discards it if it helps in forming or increasing your meld. Discard single face ones such as King or Ace as they can be added only at the end and are deadwood cards.


Evaluate options from discard pile

Evaluate your options from the discard pile carefully. Do not pick up middle cards if they have no use in your hand and avoid picking up face cards unless they complete a meld. Before picking a card, check whether it is likely to be a deadwood. One of the best strategies you can use in the game is to take a card that completes a set of four, rather than a consecutive run.


Assess opponent’s hand

Assessing your opponent’s hand is another important strategy in Gin Rummy. Try to remember which cards have been discarded and accepted in the first few rounds. This will help you form an idea of whether a set or run is being created. Based on this you can avoid discarding those that will be important for your opponent. Do not discard if you are certain that it can help in forming or completing a meld on your opponent’s hand.


Vary discard strategy

Like you study your opponent, he or she will be studying the way you are playing to assess your hand. For this reason you should try to vary the way in which you discard. If you have a lot of deadwood face ones, make sure that you discard them carefully. Keep a triangle of high-value cards, but if it is not completed within the first few rounds, discard them randomly.