Tropezia Kills It with New Genesis Games

Tropezia Kills It with New Genesis Games

Genesis Gaming has been around for quite a few years and has in that time closed plenty of deals with some of the largest online partners, especially this year, adding as it has Tropezia Palace to this already-long list. The latter had already showcased Genesis’ titles including Haunted Night, Arctic Agents and Phoenix & the Dragon, among others.

Over 76 new games

Genesis, whose software developing activities began a few years ago, had a low profile for some time but eventually grew in the awareness of many players. It now boasts a new set of games that range from mythical stories, monsters’ battles, sci-fi and space-inspired plots that attract players from all over the world.

This month they inked a deal with Tropezia Palace and are showing up their gaming content on this site, adding new games every day. So far Genesis has an extensive gaming portfolio of over 76 video slots, without counting the new ones they’re about to release this autumn.

The software developer is soon to launch its newest online video slot Time Voyagers, a science fiction game inspired by the Disney franchise Tron, with high expectations among punters. We hope to see it live at Tropezia in no time.