Video Poker: Always a Great Game to Play!

Video Poker: Always a Great Game to Play!

Poker is a category all by itself, when it comes to gaming.

The WSOP and other famous series attract vast numbers of spectators, not to mention players and associated businesses.

With the advent of online Poker rooms you can now play from the comfort of your own home against other players, whilst Live Dealer options allow you to play variants such as Caribbean Stud ‘as if you’re at the casino’.

However, some people just want a more relaxed, low-stakes game, or find themselves in a situation (for instance travelling on a ferry) where such types of gaming are the only thing available to them.

This is where Video Poker comes in.

Video Poker is, as its name suggests, a cross between traditional Poker and Video Slots, and is pretty much a staple of any mainstream online casino.

Indeed, Cherry Casino, for instance, carries no less than 24 variants on the game.

These aren’t just for show, there are some different categories, such as ‘Jacks or Better’, where a hand has to consist of a pair of Jacks or higher to score, or ‘Wilds’ types where 2s (deuces), Jokers and other cards classify as wilds and substitute for any value.

This all adds to the gaming experience as do the different graphics and sound effects of a Video Poker game, but in essence the principles remain the same and the standard Poker ranking for hands remains constant.

If you open an account with Cherry Casino or anybody else, you will be able to play with bonus money, though please note that with most online casinos, Video Poker can only make up a certain percentage of Wagering Requirements, though it’s still a great way to try out the game without losing any of your own cash.

It’s also worth pointing out that since you do not play with Video Poker against other players, only the house, payouts are simply a multiple of what you staked (which can often be a very low sum, though there are higher roller versions of the game).

Consult the paytable for exact payouts, though for the highest hands (ie. a Royal Flush) they are in the hundreds if not thousands to one.

Although the game is one of chance, since you only get to ‘draw’, ie. replace, cards once (though as many of the original 5 dealt can be drawn as you wish) there is an element of skill too.

Perhaps then it’s unsurprising that Video Poker has proved so popular down the years, WSOP or no WSOP!