Watch this Amazing Video of a Father Telling his Sons he has Won the Lottery

Watch this Amazing Video of a Father Telling his Sons he has Won the Lottery

A Danish man, Poul Hjortbøl, recently won the Danish lottery jackpot of $2.7 million, and luckily for us, he had the bright idea of filming his two sons as he tells them about his life-changing win.

The first thing he says is that he has quit his day job. At this point his sons are not really sure yet if this announcement is going to be a good or a bad thing, but then the good news start pouring in.

Poul starts off slow as he tells the boys he has won a little bit of money and gives each of them about $900 in spending money.

The next step is a brand-new iPad for each of his sons, and at this point the boys get really curious — how much money did you actually win, Dad?

Again Poul doesn’t jump straight to the facts, but tells the boys he has won about $35,000, which is naturally a lot of money and worth celebrating.

A little bit later, he tells the boys that he has lied to them and he has won over a million Danish kroner (actually the sum is 15,000,000 Danish kroner).

After grilling the boys for a good 3 minutes, whilst showering them with cash and gadgets, Poul finally shows them the piece of paper that shows the real win and everyone goes crazy.

We are really glad that this man didn’t simply decide to give his sons a call, but instead recorded this event so that more people can enjoy his special moment with his family.

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