What Is Refer a Friend Bonus?

What Is Refer a Friend Bonus?

Times are changing. Each day technological boundaries are broken, especially when they have to do with bringing people together through the Internet and social media.

Casinos are not behind in this race thanks to the refer-a-friend bonuses, which allows you and the friends you refer to the casino to earn some extra bonuses. Some sites even have private chat rooms where you can meet your friends and interact with them during a game.

How does it work?

The refer-a-friend bonus may vary at each casino, but there are some basic common features:
- You can send invitations to your friends through the online casino website by simply inputting their name and email address.
- Casinos reward you for inviting friends if they join the site and open an account.
- A certain amount of money is deposited to your account after your friend finished the registration process and makes the first deposit.
- Your friends get to enjoy a series of special promotions for being referred by an existing member.

Terms & Conditions:

There are usually a few terms and conditions that have to be followed in order to receive all promotions available on the site for referring a friend:
- Your friend can not have an existing account on the site.
- The invitation usually allows 30 days for your friend to join.
- Your friend has to open an account and make the first deposit.
- You and your friend should check if there is a minimum wagering requirement to receive the bonus.
- After your friend makes the first deposit, you receive the bonus. Once again, chances are you might also have some wagering requirements, but don’t worry as they will be quite low.
- Since you receive real money, most sites only let you invite a limited number of friends, usually from five to ten people.

Other Options:

The refer-a-friend bonus may significantly vary from one casino to another casino. Some sites also reward your friend for opening an account, while others reward you for inviting several friends and participating in a gaming session with them.

Before you opt for an offer, it is good to read up on the different types of referral bonuses that various gaming sites offer and choose one that suits you best.

Leading Sites offering referral cash incentives

William Hill offers attractive cash rewards as part of its referral cash incentive scheme. Every time you refer your friend to the site, £50 are credited to your account. Your referred friend also receives the same amount as bonus cash.

The cash is awarded once your referred friend signs up with the gaming site and makes the first deposit. To cash out the incentive you have to fulfill certain requirements set by the gaming site. The refer-a-friend bonus is available only to the real money players of William Hill casino.