Win a Spot on Sheriff Gaming’s New Las Vegas Fever

Win a Spot on Sheriff Gaming’s New Las Vegas Fever

Sheriff Gaming is offering us a more tactical game inspired by the city of sin, Las Vegas Fever, a game that encapsulates the entire Vegas vibe with craps, poker, video slots and roulette, and coming out this Wednesday, 25 September, 2013 at ComeOn! Casino.

It wasn’t that long ago that Sheriff Gaming started developing the most amazing 3D animated video slots to be found in the gambling world, setting up a new trend followed now by the crowd with their eccentric characters and cash prizes galore.

Las Vegas Fever fits in perfectly with what Sheriff have been doing so far, although they apparently opted to make it as fast-paced as possible, and the game is clearly on a mission to bring all land-based games into one single platform and under one single video slot.

You may ask yourself: can they make it work? Well, in our opinion they did!

But what is it about Sheriff and their increasing appetite for the Vegas games? Undoubtedly,  Las Vegas Fever is really trying to strive for higher levels of gaming, taking table games and reinventing them as animated bonuses and mini features.

Don’t let all this put you off though; despite its multiple bonuses and different bonus table games, the game remains simple yet it’s fairly easy to reach the bonuses without the need for complicated winning paylines.

Las Vegas Fever will go live this week on 25 September, 2013, at Sheriff Gaming’s most renowned betting site, ComeOn!, and punters can get the taste out of it when they double your first deposit, or by buying one of ComeOn!’s lottery tickets and win over 500 at the ComeOn! Shop.