X-Men Spinner Scores a $988k Win

X-Men Spinner Scores a $988k Win

Since Playtech gave the X-Men franchise yet another life in the shape of the X-Men Progressive Jackpot, it’s become a rite of passage for the more enthusiastic online players. This week spinning it paid off to a lucky punter who can take home a $988,405 win.

Though Playtech haven’t yet released the latest X-Men spawn, ‘Days of Future Past’, for the online wagering world, their original X-Men-branded video slot is still as engaging as ever and has proven to be a marvel in its own right now that the Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot has paid off twice within the span of just a few months:

  • A $568,391 win back in November 2013, and
  • A $988,405 win this weekend.

Unfortunately, Playtech haven’t yet revealed the full detailed information about the winner or at which casino it took place.

For the time being, the X-Men Progressive Jackpot and all of Playtech’s Marvel-branded video slots are live at Winner casino, who promise to deliver a few promotions this month with iPad and Samsung gadgets, reload bonuses and cashbacks.